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Mahjong Variants

Mahjong Variants
Mahjong RestaurantMahjong Restaurant
Easter MahjongEaster Mahjong
Hong Kong MahjongHong Kong Mahjong
Japanese MahjongJapanese Mahjong
Marine MahjongMarine Mahjong
Super Mario MahjongSuper Mario Mahjong
Aztec MahjongAztec Mahjong
Jolly Roger MahjongJolly Roger Mahjong
Sexy MahjongSexy Mahjong
Everyone's Hero MahjongEveryone's Hero Mahjong
Mahjong ChainMahjong Chain
Pink MahjongPink Mahjong
Winter MahjongWinter Mahjong
Christmas MahjongChristmas Mahjong
Looney MahjongLooney Mahjong
10 Mahjong10 Mahjong
Goldfish MahjongGoldfish Mahjong
Mahjong HoroscopeMahjong Horoscope
Mahjong AlchemyMahjong Alchemy
Today's Top 10
Butterfly KyodaiButterfly Kyodai
WOW Connect 2WOW Connect 2
War MahjongWar Mahjong
Dream Pet LinkDream Pet Link
Mahjongg Dark DimensionsMahjongg Dark Dimensions
Mahjongg 3DMahjongg 3D
Shangai DynastyShangai Dynasty
Mahjongg DimensionsMahjongg Dimensions
Mahjong MiniclipMahjong Miniclip
Mahjong Quest 2015Mahjong Quest 2015

Mahjong Variants on

Here you will find many mahjong games that have deviated somewhat from the original rules. The symbols on the Chinese tiles can be replaced by multiple fantasies and the rules be changed according to the creativity of developers.

Some of these mahjong variants can be really exciting by offering innovative and addictive gameplay.