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Mahjong Rules

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The Mahjong rules may differ somewhat across countries or regions where it is practiced. Traditionally, mahjong is played with 4 players using 144 tiles divided into 36 "Bamboos", 36 "characters", 36 "Circles", 16 "Wind tiles", 12 "Dragon tiles" and 8 "Flower tiles".

The first step is to build the "wall". To do so each player draws 36 tiles at random then stacks a row of 18 tiles two tiles high in front of him forming one side of the "square". A throw of dice then designate the starting player and the wall where they make the "gap". The same player then throws two dice whose cumulative points will permit to make the gap and form the "Hill". Subsequently, 13 tiles are dealt to each player (14 to the donor) collected at the left of the breach. The ultimate goal will be to do a Mahjong, that is to say to make a winning hand with 4 Melds (Pong, kong or Chow) and 1 pair (also known as Eyes).

The tiles of the mahjong game are also used in many online games. In this case mahjong is played lonely, is called Mahjong Solitaire, and the rules are greatly simplified. Playing online mahjong is limited to match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the gameboard, knowing that only free tiles, ie can slide to left and right ends of the board, can be used to form pairs.

You can find here many Mahjong solitaire flash games to entertain you and discover this exciting game.
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