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Mahjong Wonderwall
Mahjong Wonderwall

Mahjong Wonderwall

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3D Mahjong King

Sublime 3D mahjong but somewhat confusing, so take a few seconds to read the rest of this description before you start playing...
Wonderwall is not a race against time, the game offers a single level, which can be finished quickly, but you will instead have to use at best your 3 minutes to maximize your score.

Mahjong Wonderwall has two features to manage at best:
- Some jewels hide behind the shaking cubes, they must be disclosed in pairs and as late as possible to increase your multiplier bonus before.
- After each set of three pairs of tiles removed, you will see some glowing cubes and eliminating them will increase the famous multiplier.

Edited by, Mahjong Wonderwall offers short but very strategic games and a different level at every turn among 50 random ones.

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